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Shubiao Quartet perpetuates the millennial heritage of mongolian throat singing (khöömii) and traditional instruments of Mongolia. In their universe, praises and epics become soft trances, songs of the heart or telluric rhythms. Powerful music that takes us to a mythical elsewhere. 

Detailed biography

The group was formed in 2023 in Grenoble with the meeting of Shubiao - freshly arrived from Mongolia with his bardic instruments and his throat full of epics - and Vincent Tournoud, singer with multiple voices who notably trained in throat singing in Mongolia for several years.

This initial duo was formed as an obvious choice, around the revisited traditional Mongolian repertoire.

With the first concert prospects in mind, they set out in search of experienced musicians who would provide the necessary rhythmic support and expand the arrangement possibilities.

Life granted this wish beyond their expectations by creating the meeting with another duo "Floyyy", recently formed by the percussionist Florent Diara (Djemdi, Big Ukulélé Syndicate...) and the guitarist and DJ Yoan Richard (Yoy , Hadra records). Their morning electro-acoustic trance of influences from all over the world was perfectly adapted to the Mongolian universe to magnify its spirit as much as its letter. The fusion of the two duos takes shape on stage with the Shubiao Quartet. Their music has deep roots in an age-old tradition while asserting itself as resolutely current.

The set is designed around amplified music but can accommodate a semi-acoustic setup, allowing them to perform in most concert venues.

Florent DIARA

Percussion, vocals, flute


Guitars, bouzouki, MAO


Vocals, tsuur, tovshuur, bass


singing,mörin khuur, tovshuur

Technical sheet & press kit

Diffusion | 06 87 15 47 43

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